Online Business Apps I/O

online business apps in/out an online toolkit to concentrate and transform business data into applications, websites, intranets and extranets. bring your users an easy experience to manage their content and developers a new way to relate data on the web.

You can build

  • websites
  • intranets
  • extranets
  • EDI
  • data collectors
  • software
  • Microsoft Access replacements
  • & much more

Build faster, build more, all in one place.

Your benefits

End Users

Why you shall ask your website and software to run on
Easy to use backoffice

When building a website or intranets, you power-up users with the easiest to use backoffice ever seen in CMS. No education required when they have to update their website themselves. They don't need to open Photoshop to resize or crop images! Bring your customers ease.

Websites, intranets, extranets all-in-one

No matter if you're building simple websites, intranets or extranets for your B2B requirements, you got it all in one place.


Build internationalized websites immediatly. Give your users multilingual fields and they just have to fill languages side-by-side. Even URL schemes are translated (with SEO-aware principles in mind).

Multimedia magic

Publish images without opening Photoshop. Resize, crop, file formats, quality… everything is automated. Publish videos from social network with a copy/paste. Manage and collaborate on your media in our simple media-library.


Why you shall develop websites, softwares, data collectors, EDI, using
Custom data buckets

Natively, you define your own data structures and relationships, that automatically generate your user backoffice. We make you easily create data models that you could hardly do in standard SQL databases with no code!

Rich data model

Forget about Strings and integers… use phone fields, email, images, attachments. Easy. Your users are assisted with built-in rich fields.

Manage all in one place

1 access = all your customers at once. No need to remember access codes for all the projects you manage. You have all in one place.

IT Managers

Why you must use
Data control
Let your end-users use now whatever software they want on the web. For each software, get a data collector, transform, reuse and connect softwares together, while having your data backed in one place:

Give access to employees, define security rules yourself. You can even give access to part of documents to your customers or partners.

Adaptative workflows

Each company has different workflow scheme. Use our built-in publication workflows or create complex validation schemes with notifications and automation.


Define security models for your data, from top-level domain rules, to per-document and even field-grained level. Users, groups, roles, everything's ready and easy to use now. Unlimited number of users! You can even give split access to parts of a document (some fields for the company, others for your users).


Everything's ready for SEO. Rules can define your OpenGraph metadata, automatic alias generation, etc.


Data are backed up everyday on a minimum of 30 days rollover.

Integrated content delivery network

Static and public content can use the power of the fastest CDN network without complex installation or development.

Monitored applications

We monitor all services and react as soon as possible in case of emergency so you can sleep quietly.

Power of Cloud

Our solutions use the same technologies and infrastructures as Amazon, Netflix or Spotify. You got the power.


Your data is YOUR data

Vos données restent confidentielles. We don't look your data, we don't sell, we save it, and you can get it back whenever you ask.

Separation of concerns

Graphic, integration, developments, webmastering, content filling are separate jobs, so they have their own tool. is NOT a “website builder for rookies and sometimes for pros”. You know your job, we give you power-tools, and we give your customer power features.

We got you back

Getting million of views/month and need super-powers? Just call us and adjust power together!