What's new in Oba

October 2017

Products management

  • You can now easily find uncategorized products in the product browser
  • The browser now shows you clearly the list of products super-hierarchies

Stock management

  • Stock wastes analysis pivot table is now available. 


  • Brand new Calendar screen

Address book

  • You can add photos of every person you want, and pictures or logos of any organizations. 
    This includes suppliers, employees, customers, etc.

Staff and users management

  • From now you can invite in your domain any collaborators having details in your address book. This aims to delegate invitation reponsibbilities to your staff. New access rules now make it easy to let your staff invites new employees.


  • A brand new interface using cutting-edge technologies. Oba is faster than ever.
  • In all screens, exit buttons are now on the left side
  • Code editors for webdesign had been largely improved

Bug fixes

  • Resolved scrolling problems with Firefox
  • Some of you may have noticed difficulties in editing URLs when in text editors. Fix is now fixed
  • You can now use Oba safely in multiple windows at once
  • Fixed some display issues in allergens tables
  • Some dialogs were too large on some screen (tablets for example), this had been improved