What's new in Oba

December 2017

Digital displays

A new technology launches in Oba named Digital Displays. This allow you to have multiple displays connected to your CMS displaying different views of your content. You can connect a tablet to display a menu, another one to display a list of allergens and another for customer feedback.

All those displays use the same technology as our website technology. It means that every single thing possible doing websites is available for all your displays : multi languages pages, all your CMS content available, all your products, facilities and all the details you have in your data can be used to create any display.

Equipments custom displays

As a companion to digital display technology, you can now declare equipments on OBA and ask them to display a particular display. The equipment will be securised so that it can only display one of your displays.

Moreover, equipments can also display a custom view of your Oba main application. It means we can provide you dedicated tablets or phone apps, customized to only manage a limited set of actions. Users can also use those applications using a PIN Code instead of fully log-in. You can therefore use this "embedded" mode to let users switch very fast from one display to another one. 

Customized dashboard and PIN Codes

Customized dashboard can be created in public mode (without login) to display data without users being logged in. Then when users will required to be logged in to launch an action, a PIN Code selector will appear.

Web designer

From now, you can compose yourself webpages using our brand new designer. As an addition to the CMS, you can now create standalone pages that follow your website designs with our simple page editor.