What's new in Oba

January 2018 - Happy New Year!

Contact forms

  • Old contact forms APIs are now deprecated, we invite you to migrate your custom contact forms using the brand new contact form management tools.


  • Some improvements on accounts management
  • Better visibility on all the domaines you have access to

General interface

  • Left sidebar can be compated to the left to get more space on small screens

Digital Display templates

  • Velocity based templates are now removed once for all since nobody use them anymore
  • Better "boolean" data management in Freemarker templates. New options for format boolean values.
  • New services API available to manage feeds in Freemarker templates
  • New services API available to manage menus in Freemarker templates

Digital Display Designer

  • Foundation 6 based blocks to create simplier layouts 
    We are following Foundation 6 brand new guidelines ( grid-container-x, grid-x, grid-y, etc.)
    Available for all themes using Foundation as base


  • Some issues corrected in sequence number generations when the numbers shall change when a range changes (for example, when the numbers shall reset to 1 at the beginning of each month)