What's new in Oba

February 2018

While still working on big features for Product management. Those are February changes you can enjoy now.

User interface improvements

  • cleaner forms and error messages

Organizations and facilities

  • Improved screens to manage your organization structure and your facilities
  • Domain management moved in a separate screen

Open API keys

  • New screen to manage API Keys. You can now have multiple API Keys to distribute. When you feel one of your API Keys had been compromised you can revoke this API Key in particular. We suggest that you create one API Key for each usage you have. Doing so, if one if your keys is misused, you can shut it down while keeping other applications using other keys running

Digital Displays

  • Aggressive cache : websites and digital displays are faster than ever
  • Preview button in designer to directly preview designs in browser


  • Improved APIs for Freemarker : address fields, attachments with last modification / created dates
  • Simplified HTML Headers and Footer generation through the $cms API