What's new in Oba

March 2018

Product management Unit System

  • Ok it's quite a revolution here and we are proud of it : our brand new product unit system is out. 
    You can buy products in volume, sell them in units and use them in kilograms... and ALL other derived units as well as quantificable units are available.
    This is a real improvement for day to day basics when managing products, stocks, bills of materials
    Especially in restaurants where units are just usually a mess, we did our best to have the simpliest yet most powerful unit system ever.
    And yes, you can convert litres to kilos to pieces, or any unit to any other at a 4 digits precision !
  • This change had been impacted on all screens of the software, including Product form, BoM, Stocks, Wastes, Inventories, etc.


  • Improved forms and better losses management
  • You can set / unset a BoM to be the one currently in "production", meaning that when you produce something, stocks will be deduced using this formula


  • You can set a product "sellable" even after it had been created
  • Improved search on product browsing
  • On each product you can see directly in wich BoM it's used
  • Add a duration for keeping the product, also instructions on how to keep it

User interface

  • Keeps you connected until you close your window. No more disconnect due to a lack of activity.
  • Better error messages when dealing with images
  • Auto focus in form fields
  • Better tables with column alignment