What's new in Oba

May 2018

Digital Display Designer

  • very very large improvements on style management. Almost all possible CSS rules are now available.
  • new blocks to design facilities and products
  • new media library
  • nested blocks management largely improved
  • title blocks improved
  • support for nested data

Contact forms

  • You can configure notifications in contact forms exactly with the same rules as with security. Means that messages sent to a facility can go to employees having contract as director or assistant without touching anything in configurations !

Address book

  • Improvements on forms


  • Layouts are now attached to each digital display and are no more standalone, makes it easier to manage for you

User interface

  • Updated our rich text editor, less bugs, faster

Security management

  • Better screens with improved readbility on who can do what
  • Improved security screens for document templates
  • New messages for new users when they still have access to nothing