What's new in Oba

June 2018


  • Better home page for Oba, cleaner menus
  • When you place your mouse over heach field of each form, a help toolbox appears to help you know how to use the field and what it is about


  • Better and clearer product form


  • change BoM rows order faster


  • Button to preview digital displays in separate window in Live Mode
  • New "menu" block to add menus faster
  • Version names are now required. When upgrading to this release, old versions name are automatically given a default name
  • Better support for flex layouts and flex items
  • New button to toggle display of visual guides
  • box-sizing is now available
  • better display of errors when one occurs
  • improved top toolbar

Digital Displays

  • New themes gallery to choose a starter theme
  • When a new digital display is created, it's version is automatically set to "production"
  • Experts: ability to change CSS manually

Open API

  • Support for individual property changes

Bug fixes

  • When creating a new design
  • Designer: when you click on a tree (any tree), if it has children, automatically open the tree, you don't have anymore to target the arrow with the mouse
  • Domain models : removed some cases where you could have loops in schema that may block the user interface
  • Fixed position of modal dialogs